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Even though your rug looks clean, normal settling of dust is abrasive and will shorten the life of your rug. It's recommended that you have your rug cleaned once every two years.

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Rug Cleaning Los Angeles Tips

A rug can be a purchase for a lifetime and for generations if cared for properly. The information contained herein offers simple, basic tips on cleaning and protecting your rug. These rug cleaning tips are merely suggestions and you may wish to contact your rug cleaning professional for advice. Depending on foot traffic your rug will need periodic washing by a rug cleaning professional.

Blotting Stains:

When stains occur, dilute with water. Do not soak the area. Work quickly; do not allow stains to set. Blot from the edge of the spill towards the center using a clean white towel or cloth. Avoid as much as possible rubbing the area or pushing the stain further into the pile. For semi-solid or solid spills use a spoon to scoop up as much as possible. Allow to air dry or dry with a fan or hair dryer. Avoid excess heat if a hair dryer is used. Once the area is dry, brush lightly with a brush to restore texture.

You never know when a spill will occur. To expedite the clean-up please consider keeping the following items in a small kit for this purpose:

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