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Hardwood Floor Treatment

Wood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles

We at Wood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles knows that Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful, it is also durable and very easy to care for. Regular cleaning consists of little more than sweeping or vacuuming and giving the floor a once over with a barely damp floor cloth. Time and use, however, do take their toll. And when the floors start to look a little worn, you can take advantage of another unique feature of hardwood flooring - renewability.

A sad looking wood floor doesn't need to be trashed or replaced, it can be renewed and reconditioned and brought back to its original luster. The refinishing process however, is not quick, it's not neat and it's not easy. That's where we at Wood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles comes in.

Wood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles team has all the professional know-how and all the professional equipment required to get the job your floors looking as good as new (if not better than new) and all you have to do is enjoy the results.

A few words about hardwood floors...

Finished wood floors have gone through a process that includes multiple sanding, the application of a color or varnish and finally, the application of a protective coating that shields the floor from wear and tear and water penetration. As time passes, floors begin to show the signs of use - discoloration, scratching, dulling and sometimes worse. A floor that has been mistreated may even crack or buckle. The extent of the damage will determine the complexity of the refinishing process. That's why it's important that before hiring any company to refinish your wood floors, you should call on Wood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles for a free on-site inspection and detailed estimate.

Why Los Angeles Wood Floor Refinishing?

Los Angeles Wood Floor Refinishing are proud of our expertise in the area of hardwood floor refinishing. We learned how to refinish wood floors from experts and through hundreds of hours on the job, refinishing wood floors.

this experience has taught us to stick with the state of the art equipment, including orbital sanders and to use only the highest quality sanding paper. This experience has taught us to bring along an efficient dust extraction system to protect indoor environment integrity as well as prevent dust from settling on freshly refinished floors.

This experience has taught us at Los Angeles Wood Floor Refinishing to tape up every opening in the room - from vents to electrical outlets. This experience has taught us to communicate with our clients about the process and about materials being used - the final step in hardwood floor refinishing is the application of a water or oil-based sealer or stain. Carpet Cleaners Los Angeles will never apply this final coating without the prior approval of the client.

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